Black Metal Firearms

Back in 2007, Dave and Rob were just two guys talking about guns and playing Halo 3 in a small hut in Iraq. After going separate ways for a few years, the topic of guns came up again and turned into a daily phone conversation. Realizing these two combat veterans really loved guns and wanted something more with their careers, an idea for a company was formed. Dave’s wife, Nikki, had a background in retail and graphic design and helped us get this ball rolling with her expertise and support. After mulling around some ideas, Black Metal Firearms was created as a play on one of our preferred musical genres and the fact that the best firearms are generally black and metal. Add in the double meaning that comes with an abbreviation like BMF, and we couldn’t even think of anything cooler. After a year of phone conversations and message traffic about guns, personal builds, and training, Black Metal Firearms was formed as an LLC and licensed to manufacture firearms.

So we did the easy part: put in some paperwork, made a few personal guns, and eventually consolidated from across the country into one location in Sierra Vista. Now the hard part: what do we choose as our logo? After joking around with a few things, we made our icon the chaos star wrapped around scope crosshairs. Chaos is the world we live and operate in. The crosshairs are the time, effort, and precision we put in to making sure anything we build is going to survive that chaos, and you along with it.

Back to Iraq. As many veterans will tell you, you get a lot of time to watch movies. We’re total nerds, and as such have watched a ton of movies. It’s not rare to walk in to our shop and hear us having a conversation that is a back and forth of movie quotes. We even adopted one such quote as our company slogan, “This You Can Trust” from the original Conan the Barbarian. Aside from being in possibly the greatest movie ever that isn’t from the Star Wars franchise, it spoke to us and our goal. We want to build a product you can trust. We want to build you a product we would be happy to take to war. As such, we keep our focus on inventory that is from reputable companies that produce quality parts. Yes, it costs more than your bargain bin stuff you may find at Wal-Mart or a surplus store. It costs more because it’s worth more. It’s worth more because it will not let you down.

We now have custom rifles and handguns all over the country. We have rifles we built in the hands of nationally ranked competitive shooters. So let us build you something you can be proud to take to the range, carry on your person, or use in a competition! THIS YOU CAN TRUST!